Krups Coffee Maker: Is it Worth Buying?

Krups Coffee Maker

Let's all agree that nothing is more relaxing than sipping your first-morning coffee. All the coffee lovers crave for their first java to be just perfect. And a cup of freshly brewed coffee can restore our energy for starting the day with a blast. Doesn't the very thought of fresh coffee energize you? I am sure it does.

But if your coffee is not perfect? That indeed smashes your enthusiasm for the rest of the day! You might want to go to coffee shops for your desired cappuccino, espresso, or latte. But a simple calculation will show the pretty high monthly expenses spent for these coffee shops.

Be wise! Why spend so much money on temporal solutions where you can invest in a coffee maker? 

Yeah, I know the confusion you must be facing now. Among various brands and their multi-functional products, it is tough to choose one brand and a single appropriate product for yourself. Thanks to the brand Krups, they have made our coffee journey smoother with their excellent range of products. 

In this article, I will be explaining several products by Krups and the advantages and disadvantages associated with them for a better insight.

Krups: The Brand

Krups Brand

The brand Krups is a german brand of kitchen appliances. The brand has been trusted worldwide since 1846. I have been using some of their kitchen appliances. To be honest, I am pretty satisfied with the results. Indeed, the brand Krups does not compromise with the quality of its products.

Types of Krups Coffee Maker

Krups percolator: 

A coffee percolator is a coffee brewing cup that makes coffee conventionally. Many people confuse this with the Moka pots. But both of them are much different. A Moka pot is generally a stovetop coffee machine, whereas a percolator is not of such type.

The brand Krups produces percolators which are among premium quality coffee brewing machines. These machines actually work by using the method of water motion. 

Generally, the coffee produced by these machines is a little bitter in taste. People who love a solid brew with a bit of bitterness can choose the Krups Percolator coffee machine without giving it a second thought.

Krups Automatic Drip:

We are living in an era dominated by electric appliances. Now, advancement in technology is evident over time. Following that, Krups has provided us with their Automatic Drip coffee machine. The automatic drip coffee makers provide you with hassle-free brewing. The Krups automatic drip coffee maker brews coffee by heating water individually with the assistance of a filament. And your desired cup is ready in no time.

Krups Espresso Coffee Maker:

Do you think it is impossible to achieve a cafeteria-style latte at home? Well, I don't know about latte art, but Krups espresso maker brings joy to your life while speaking of the quality. The brand Krups has manufactured espresso maker machines for a better coffee brewing experience. 

This machine is for caffeine lovers who love a creamy texture and rich flavor in the coffee. So this machine is a versatile one. Of course, you can not expect yourself to be the next Pablo Picasso with this machine. But yeah, you can give it a go with a small heart or leaves design. Just pay attention to the quantity and Ta-da! You got your favorite cup.

Krups Thermal Coffee Maker:

I guess you have already understood what it does by its name. Yes, you guessed it right. The thermal coffee makers not only help you to brew coffee, but with their complete thermal system, your coffee remains hot for a longer time. Isn't that interesting? 

With the thermal coffee maker by Krups, you get to test your hot coffee in no time.

How is the Krups Coffee Maker is Different from Others? 

Certain aspects differentiate the Krups coffee makers from the rest of the available coffee makers in the market. 

Both grinds and brews your coffee:

In this era of semi-automatic and automatic coffee brewing machines, the taste of originally ground coffee is almost lost. But hey there, I know that you crave premium quality ground coffee. 

The pre-ground coffee available in the market is always sealed in an air-tight container. But we all know it can not match the levels of an instant grinder. The aroma, the fresh flavor, and the texture of the freshly ground coffee are often lost in the readymade coffee powder.

Well, guess what? The brand Krups provides us with coffee makers that are multidimensional. Besides making the coffee, they come with a grinder that grinds your coffee beans. Hence, you can taste superior quality coffee in a blink. You can also use readymade pre-ground coffee if you have any preferred brand.

A 14-cup capacity:

Most of the coffee machines in the market can hold between 2 to 12 cups of coffee in a single brew. That is no doubt satisfactory. But what if a brand can offer you more capacity at a similar budget? Sounds like a dream, does it?

Are you ready for the surprise? Yes! With Krups coffee maker, you can give your dream a shape. The brand Krups has produced some coffee makers that can hold up to 14 cups. So, you can make coffee for the Army if you wish!

Can't believe it? Check the product here.

Small batch brew setting:

Indeed, the Krups coffee maker comes with a larger brewing facility, but you can brew smaller batches also if you wish. You can change the settings to 1 to 4 cups. 

Are you worried about the quality of the smaller batches? Well, I have something for you. The system of smaller batches is explicitly made for superior quality brewing with smaller quantities of coffee.

You don't have to trust my words. Check the product out yourself if you want.

Three-step brewing technologies:

All of us want to achieve the maximum result from the coffee that we use. Sometimes, with the electric coffee machines, it is impossible to utilize every ounce of the java used. But what if you can get a three-step brewing to get the maximum results?

Yes, you read it correctly! The Krups coffee maker provides you with a three-step brewing technology. This process includes an oversized showerhead, a hot water circuit, and a flavor mix tube. The tube continuously stirs the coffee while brewing, and the showerhead and water circuit work together to fetch the best flavor out of the coffee.

Customized flavors:

Sometimes we need some changes in taste and flavor, don't we? But with electric coffee machines, it is quite difficult to bring changes in flavor and taste. But with Krups coffee maker, you can now change the flavor of your desired java. The machine comes with two setting options, namely, bold and regular. With the bold option, you can sip the robust, full-bodied coffee, and from the regular option, you can have your daily cups.


The brand Krups have produced many types of automatic and semi-automatic coffee makers. But some of the machines really stand out to us because of their excellent features, for example, KRUPS Grind and Brew Auto-Start Maker. This machine has got some exciting features that you should have a look at.


Since the machine comes with a built-in grinder, you get your coffee from grinding to serving. Moreover, the grinder comes with five grinding settings from which you can choose an appropriate level for yourself.


It provides you with an LCD for a smooth operation.


You can customize your java with the three settings of the machine: Mild, Medium, and Strong.


It has an extraordinary thermal feature that helps you to keep your coffee hot even after two hours of brewing.


The machine comes with a removable gold-tone filter that makes the cleaning process hassle-free.


The most exciting feature that this machine has is its 'pause and serve' option. You can enjoy yourself a cup of coffee, removing the carafe while brewing.


The coffee machine is incredibly   smart. It has a programmable auto-start brew cycle with which you can schedule the grinding time preferably.

Must-reads for you!

Wrapping Up

Can we just say that you have already decided whether you will trust the brand Krups or not? But let me share my personal experience with the brand. To be honest, my experience with this brand so far is awe-inspiring. Since the brand a reputable one and has been in the caffeine world for so long, everyone can blindly trust the appliances. If kept under good care, the machines by this brand can give satisfactory results in the long run. 

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