Is French Press Cholesterol Bad For You? Here Are The Facts!

As we all know, the French press coffee is one of the most efficient ways to prepare coffee. It works by placing the coffee in a type of filter or paper, that when heated forces the liquid through the filter and to the ground. But has it also its share of health hazards? Let's take a look at french press cholesterol.

Is French Press Cholesterol Bad

There have been a lot of claims about coffee having an adverse effect on the heart. But what is all this hype really about? Is there any truth behind it? Can French presses really increase your risk of a heart attack? We'll take a look at the facts.

The first claim is that coffee, specifically the type with a filter, increases your bad cholesterol. Statistically, there's no real proof that this is true. All we have to go off of studies done on rats. But again, what study says this? The rat studies were done on cancer cells, which you might think wouldn't be affected by the antioxidants in coffee.

Is French Press Coffee Cholesterol is Good or Not?

The second claim is that coffee increases your bad LDL cholesterol. This is not true either. LDL is not cholesterol, but a chemical called "bad cholesterol". So coffee isn't going to lower your LDL cholesterol. The same thing can be said about good cholesterol (HDL).

Does French press coffee maker increase your bad cholesterol levels? No, but it can make them go up. The amount depends on what you have in your system already. But again, this is mainly due to the caffeine content.

A recent study actually tested the cholesterol levels of elderly people, who were at a much younger age. Those people drinking the highest amount of coffee had higher LDL cholesterol levels than those who did not use the press coffee maker. It also turned out that older people who drank coffee had higher triglycerides and lower HDL cholesterol levels.

Does French Press Coffee Cause High Cholesterol?

If you want to get rid of LDL, you first have to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol that is already in your body. The easiest way to lower it is with a diet. But if you just want to reduce the amount of LDL in your body, you can take statin drugs or natural cholesterol-reduction supplements.

What is important is that you keep your overall health in mind when using any type of cholesterol-reduction product. Remember that there is no miracle cure. You have to change your lifestyle and then use natural remedies. Some of these products can work very well for you. Try a French press coffee maker instead if you are serious.

If you are serious about lowering your cholesterol levels, you need to stop consuming foods that are high in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sugar. You also need to learn how to increase your HDL levels (good cholesterol). There are many different things that you can do to improve your health. Even better news, they are pretty easy to implement!

Can French Press Coffee Raise Cholesterol?

When you brew your coffee, you should use a high-quality coffee blend that is unsweetened. If possible select coffee that is not roasted. Do not use instant coffee; it contains too many preservatives and is generally not as healthy. At the same time, if you are trying to cut calories, try to select coffee that is low in calories.

Instead of drinking plain coffee, you might consider using flavored gourmet coffee. These coffee blends use real coffee leaves and sweeteners. They add flavor and make the coffee taste better. Some of the most popular flavored gourmet blends include raspberry, chocolate, caramel, French vanilla, and maple. Avoid coffee that has too much added sugar because it does not have the good cholesterol that you get by jumping to the button at the bottom.

French Press Higher Cholesterol

To get more nutrition, add fresh fruits, nuts, and/or cereal to your coffee. If you enjoy an iced coffee, choose an iced coffee that does not have too much ice. Using a French press to lower bad cholesterol is simple and delicious! It is so easy to add a variety of ingredients and make iced coffee, cappuccino, or lattes - all with the same delicious taste and delicious effects to reduce bad cholesterol and help lower bad cholesterol in your body.

For best results, use a French press that has a double filter basket. By having two separate baskets, the press will prevent the oils from separating from the seeds. The oils will remain on the bottom of the glass container while the coffee will remain on the top. This will ensure that you have the right amount of coffee and the correct ratio of oils to coffee.

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