DeLonghi Dedica EC680M Espresso Machine Review (Pros & Cons)

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DeLonghi Dedica EC680M Espresso Machine

DeLonghi Dedica EC680M Espresso Machine

In our previous articles, we reviewed state-of-the-art K-cups brewers, plastic-free coffee makers, half-caff K-cups, battery-operated coffee machines, and so forth. And, after performing a thorough analysis of each of these coffee brewers, we got our head around the fact that there’s nothing quite like an Espresso machine. Not only does an espresso machine brings a professional look and feel to life but also it also does the job of frothing milk as per your preference—for different Italian or milk-based coffee.

Being a Latte art lover, this DeLonghi Dedica is something you can’t take your eyes off of. If you’re a huge fan of long-lasting foam, you’ll fall in love with the cutting-edge steam wand that helps you in gaining thickest and richest foam like a pro in a short span of time and make your milk beverages as delicious and beautiful as they could get.

On top of other features, the 15-bar professional pressure allows you to pull the shot like a pro barista; all possible at home; no need to go in a coffee bar to get a cup of latte ready. Plus, cleaning your espresso machine has never been easier—thanks to the simplicity and stainless steel body construction inside out. The fact that it has milk frother can be taken for granted, however, there’s more to it—you can suit your preferences to get different milk-based beverages.

DeLonghi Dedica (EC680M)

Making a well-versed decision for an espresso maker requires you to be acquainted with the ins and outs of the machine, especially if this is your first time buying a coffee machine. If you do not be aware of the fine points of a coffee maker, you could also end up making a blunder that you will regret for the rest of your life. Paying for a coffee maker—especially an espresso machine—doesn’t have to be that frustrating, not at least as long as you’re having access to this wide-ranging article that covers all the fine points of this one-of-its-kind cappuccino maker. Since you have everything available at your fingertips, it’s time you left all your worries behind and make the most out of this effective guide to stay one step ahead.

It’s about time you must’ve indulged in the end-to-end cycle of pulling-the-shot technique all the way through this 15-bar espresso machine as it gives you the freedom to get the richness you truly deserve in every cup of espresso, cappuccino, or latte that you make using this DeLonghi Dedica.

Space management could be a nuisance as most of the coffee makers tend to take much of space in the kitchen or any place you put them. As for this one, you don’t have to suffer from that, too; this DeLonghi Dedica takes very small space to fit in—it’s only 6” wide, plus, the design lets you take advantage of minimalism.

DeLonghi Dedica EC680M: How Did We Analyze Performance?

To conclude whether or not this espresso maker—DeLonghi Dedica—is worth spending money for, we looked into different aspects and features to give you an in-depth analysis.

We performed an assessment of this DeLonghi Dedica to make sure that it:

  • Brews good-tasting coffee
  • Is easy to use
  • Has milk frother
  • Offers space management
  • Is easy to clean
  • Has a removable water reservoir
  • Has a sleek design

Luckily, we found it to be a front runner in every aspect we considered—from start to end. Since we did an in-depth review, you will be able to get a clearer picture of whether this coffee-making machine will serve you great or not.

Would you like to pay close attention to the detailed analysis?

If you’re positive, let’s do an honest, category-wise review laid out below. But before we jump right in, let’s shed some light on the Pros and Cons to give you a better understanding of this coffee maker. 

DeLonghi Dedica EC680M

DeLonghi Dedica EC680M Espresso Machine


  • Delivers delicious, barista-quality coffee
  • Easily makes more than 10 Italian coffee drinks
  • Accommodates taller cups for caramel latte mugs
  • Super straightforward to use and dispense coffee
  • Takes small space; easily fits into any place
  • Also has a milk frother for milk-based drinks
  • One-of-a-kind 15-bar pressure for quality results
  • State-of-the-art design to compliment your kitchen
  • Super easy to clean and made from stainless steel
  • Comes with a 3-in-1 filter holder (with cups or ESE pods)
  • Also uses steel drip tray and twin brewing cycle
  • Very reasonably priced as compared to others


  • We didn't see any

1. Design

The sleek designing of a coffee machine is what catches the attention of the coffee aficionados. Speaking of the construction of it, it brings sleek design to life. Not just that, it’s only 6” wide which means it also helps in saving space, not to mention the narrow footprint—a lifesaver for those who love organizing kitchen apparel as per their preference.

Into the bargain, it uses stainless steel which not only adds an extra layer to the longevity (due to rigidity) but also it helps in maintaining a perfect-tasting coffee. Attributable to the sleek and minimal design, it can fit into any place you put it—kitchen, office, or in your room. But don’t just take our word for it, take a glimpse at the images that verified customers have shared on Amazon. 

2. Controls & Features

Does this espresso lets you do exactly what you want?

It’s not worth buying it if it doesn’t have the features or controls you’re on the lookout for. That’s why we went over some smart controls that this latte maker brings to the table.

If you’re after a perfect-tasting cappuccino or you’re in love with the latte, it’s all imaginable if you bring this coffee machine home without making further delays. Its houses Thermo block technology which heats the machine in just a matter of seconds; it only takes 30-35 seconds. It’s also got the smart button for the automatic flow stop that is a lifesaver for those struggling through overflows.

If you’re an espresso lover, we believe that you’ve been going to your favorite coffeehouse in the past. That’s because you’re addicted to the barista-quality beverage which is only possible if the person making coffee has mastered the art of pulling the shot. Luckily, if this DeLonghi Dedica allows you to pull a shot like a pro barista at home.

It also has the facility to accommodate taller cups, especially if you’re to pull a shot for a large-sized beverage, such as caramel Latte. Fortunately, it has got your back because the drip tray is not only adjustable but also removable to give you peace of mind. Its 15-bar pressure system is why you must not hesitate while getting this next-level De’Longhi EC680M Dedica espresso maker.

There’s no more guessing game, the auto-stop function stops the machine after it is done with dispensing the right amount of espresso for you or your loved ones. It also helps you get rid of the overflows like a pro barista.

Pro Tips: While inserting the water reservoir, you must ensure that it’s been fit accurately, or it could lead to water leakage. Also, cleaning the push button and the nozzle is also recommended by the experts before you turn the steam knob. That way, you won’t have to struggle through the nozzle being clogged by milk. 

3. Coffee Taste

We’ve already talked about the 15-bar pressure technology that this DeLonghi Dedica houses like no other Latte/Cappuccino maker. It helps you achieve quality results like a pro. Adjust or do modifications in the machine to achieve the taste you are after—all in accordance with your personal preferences.

There’s no Latte-like or Espresso-like taste if your coffee machine doesn’t have a milk frother. The advanced controls that this brewer is packed with are adjustable so you could have the taste you’re in quest of. Due to its versatility, you can make more than 10 different Italian and other coffee beverages.

What’s more, the stainless steel touch helps keep the never-experienced-before taste. And, the advanced milk frother makes sure that you get the long-lasting and foam if you’re looking forward to making a caramel latte, or other evenly textured drinks.

It’s time for you to be a home barista of your kind! 

4. Cleaning

Do you have to be stressed about maintenance if you decide to own this machine?

In spite of your espresso machine making great drinks for you, it must not let you down as far as the cleaning part is taken into account. Put differently, it should offer you level-headedness judgment. The washing process has never been easier, thanks to the stainless steel design. The water reservoir (tank) is also detachable which makes the job even easier for you.

It is not just the water tank that is removable, you could also remove the stainless-steel tray located at the bottom to clean it if gets too messy due to the overflows. 

5. Affordability

Although money matters, it cannot outshine the out-of-this-world features that this DeLonghi Dedica a.k.a. EC680M is equipped with.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank while cherry-picking out an espresso maker. Though this one-of-a-kind machine is not an expensive one, it has the ability to surpass others in the race. Every time you pull, you will get that creamy level that will give your Italian coffee drinks a unique twist.

The reason why we say that it’s offering you the bang for your bucks is that it is listed at half the price of what De'Longhi ESAM3300 from the same company i.e. DeLonghi is priced. Plus, it’s rated as “Amazon’s Choice” which should make everything crystal clear to you.

6. Durability

Is this DeLonghi Dedica durable? Will this Delonghi EC680M Dedica 15-bar pump espresso machine last longer to fulfill the purpose of your coffee-ing needs?

These are the questions that pop up in our head when we think of buying a top-of-the-line espresso or Italian coffee maker. That’s why it’s very important to be sure of the durability of the coffee machine you’re about to invest in because you don’t want to go for a coffee brewer that falls apart in a couple of months.

Since your ultimate job is to make great Italian coffee drinks, you’d try to get a coffee machine that is made in Italy or manufactured by a most-renowned Italian brand. Appreciatively, this one—as you know it—comes from a leading brand named De’Longhi, an appliance manufacturer based in Treviso, Italy. It’s been 118 years since the company has been making stylish and durable machines.

That’s why there’s no reason to doubt the durability, they know what they’re doing. 

What's in the Box?

Apart from the espresso maker itself, you will be getting the following in the package (the listed parts might also come assembled):

  • Water tank lid
  • Cup warmer
  • Water tank
  • Steam dial
  • Control panel buttons
  • Water spout/milk container coupling
  • Drip tray
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Filter cup (with 3 cups)
  • Owner’s instructions and booklets

If you have problems assembling or disassembling the parts of the machine, you can refer to this guide and be at ease.


To give you peace of mind, we’re also covering some answers to the questions you might be having on your mind.

How many coffee drinks can I make using this machine?

Does it really offer barista-quality drinks?

Does it also have Milk Frother?

Is it easy to clean?

Summing Up

If you’re a big fan of Italian coffee drinks, you can’t miss out on the special features of an espresso maker, such as Milk Frother. Put differently, the machine should be able to make all the coffee beverages for you that are mostly pulled in a coffee bar. Fortunately, this DeLonghi Dedica serves you to the fullest in that area.

If never, have you ever missed your favorite caramel latte in one of your favorite coffee shops, this front runner won’t ever let you down and we can guarantee you that because we’ve been using this machine for a time long and it works like a charm even today. As a result, we believe that it’s a steal and you should go for it in the blink of an eye.

Get It Before It's Too Late!

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