Coffee For People Who Don’t Like Coffee

Coffee has sealed its position as a most sought-after beverage when you need a caffeine rush. 

While a huge percentage is crazy after coffee, there are some who cannot stand the earthy, muddy, bitter taste of coffee.

But this should not make you take a pass on its magical benefits. What else on earth offers such an instant boost to metabolism and brain? 

If you have coffee-despising taste buds, but still cannot go without coffee, you have a range of options to choose from. And we will be discussing all of them. 

You may start with instant coffee and then move on to mochas, lattes, and frappuccinos. You can also try green coffee refreshers if you wish to experiment with coffee. Using a lighter roast and adding various flavors can help you a lot. 

How Can You Reduce The Bitter Taste Of Coffee?

There are a good number of people who just cannot ignore the bitter aftertaste of coffee, nor can they stop loving it. 

For them, I recommend you consider the following points that’d help you avoid the bitter taste of coffee.

Lightly Roasted Coffee Beans

Opt for lightly roasted bean varieties. They are as flavorful as their roasted counterparts, but not as bitter. Light roast coffee varieties are perfect for caffeine-sensitive taste buds.

You can check out these two coffee bean varieties, which are lightly roasted, but still, give a caffeine punch.

  1. Benti Nenqa #209: The beans are a blend of chamomile, blueberry, and candied ginger. The blueberry taste strikes first on your tongue.
  2. Tanzania Peaberry: These coffee beans are full-bodied and smooth all over. They are characterized by peach, black tea, and lemon, and have fairly rich flavors.

Add Different Flavors

You’ll go bonkers if you know the number of flavored syrups that give the coffee a heavenly twist. Add vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, coconut, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and Irish cream to your coffee and feel the magic. These, however, do not quite tackle the bitterness.

I recommend you add almond milk, regular milk, or creams to your coffee to make it taste milder on the tongue.

Target Independent Coffee Dealers

Purchase coffee from small retailers, and independent coffee shops which sell raw, real coffee blends. Avoid cheap office coffee. They are extremely bitter and can put you off instantly.

Coffee Options For People Who Don’t Like Coffee

Cafe Latte

Cafe Latte or Latte is perhaps the best option to get on board the coffee journey. It uses espresso shots, topped with steamed milk and milk foam. It will give you all the possible benefits of caffeine that come with a regular cup of coffee.

This should not taste bitter. However, if it does, I suggest you add little additives like caramel or vanilla, or any other sweetener of your choice to spice up your coffee flavors.

You can also call it a milder version of espresso drinks, available in most coffee shops.

Want to try it out at home? Check this out.


Most non-coffee drinkers swear by this coffee drink to get a taste of coffee, even if they hate coffee. The drink is also known as Mochccino and consists of a small shot of espresso, hot milk, and chocolate syrup. You may add almond milk if you like to go vegan.

The drink tickles your taste buds with its hot chocolate-like flavor. Moreover, it will give you the same coffee-like energy boost to keep you awake, and alert and help you concentrate on your job. Isn’t this what you need to start your day with?

Caramel Macchiato

Caramel macchiato ranks third on my list of coffee drinks because of its exceptionally subtle sweet flavor. Regular macchiato has a small amount of espresso topped with milk foam. A small amount of whipped cream works magic.

This beverage uses freshly steamed milk with vanilla-flavored syrup. The drink uses its espresso as its base and is topped with caramel drizzle. This oh-so-sweet drink will surely set the mood and make your first coffee date memorable.


Invented and sold by Starbucks, frappuccino is consumed cold. The drink uses a minimum amount of coffee, along with a lot of whipped cream, milk, syrups, and spices for different flavors.

You get the smell of coffee and just the right amount of caffeine as well. I’ll suggest you stick to two options for the least amount of caffeine content, which is 15 mg. These two drinks are Double Chocolaty Chip Creme Frappuccino and Chocolate Cookie Crumble Creme Frappuccino.

It is basically iced coffee but doesn’t taste like one. The taste is smooth, balanced, and perfect, deleting all the bad, bitter tones of coffee.

Green Coffee Refresher

Doesn’t it sound interesting that even refreshers have coffee? Green Coffee Refresher by Starbucks brings you this refreshment drink. As a result, you can have a cup before your daily workout regime. It’ll help you improve your endurance and physical performance.

The extract is collected from unroasted green coffee beans, making it a relatively mild beverage. This is a unique kind of coffee that doesn’t taste like a regular one.

Instant Coffee

If your taste buds are not fully aware of the real coffee taste, then this can be a very good alternative. These powders do not have that strong coffee flavor. Just take one pinch of powder and mix it in a cup of milk. Add sweeteners and you’re done.

Instant coffee will help stimulate your overall metabolism, so you can have a cup right after you wake up in the morning.

Milk and sugar also help in toning down the coffee flavor. You can always experiment at home with the powder.  This is the most convenient coffee for people who are always on the move.

Cinnamon Dolce Latte

The drink uses a combination of espresso, milk, and sweet cinnamon syrup. If you are the sweet and spicy type, then Girl, go for this drink – it has the sweetness of sugar and a spicy cinnamon flavor.

Cinnamon Dolce Latte is just perfect for a friends’ reunion.

Iced Dirty Chai Latte

With a minimum flavor of coffee, an iced dirty chai latte is a shot of espresso served over ice. Give it a shot, if you haven’t tasted one. 

It has an incredible taste of lightly spiced tea with a hint of coffee, that’s mellowed out by milk. However, it has the same caffeine content you need to perk up your mood.

Misto Coffee

Misto Coffee gives a slightly stronger taste. It uses as much milk as coffee. Thus, if you are a non-coffee beverage lover, then you might get a tinge on your tongue. The drink has antioxidants that will help you keep heart diseases at bay.

You can keep adding milk for a creamier taste and enjoy your delicious coffee.

Cold Brewed Coffee

For those of you who do not like the bitter coffee taste, you can taste this beverage. It is not like your regular coffee. This is the ideal coffee for people who love cold drinks with a caffeine rush.

If you are planning to prepare this at home, then you can also add chocolate chips and ice cream to it as well. These ingredients reduce the coffee flavors, making it more like a chocolate shake.

The best thing about cold brew coffee is that you can play around with a variety of toppings and ingredients. If you like cold beverages, then this is your drink.

French Vanilla

This coffee is prepared by using medium roast coffee with fresh vanilla syrup. Since the coffee beans used here are not fully roasted, it gives you a coffee that doesn’t taste like coffee.

The caffeine content will surely enhance your cognitive function, concentration and alertness.

You can use whipped cream, frothed milk, flavored syrups, caramel, or hazelnuts to add flavor to your morning cup of hot coffee. 

How Can You Make Coffee If You Don’t Like the Taste of it?

Now that you know which coffee to drink even if you don’t like coffee, you might also want to prepare a cup at home. There are certain prerequisites you need to know before you brew a cup.

Extraction time is very important. Remember not to keep coffee in hot water for a long time. That gives a bitter taste to the coffee. It will actually ruin your drinking experience. 

What more? Your cup of java is ready in a few minutes!

Take a look at how you can make the best coffee that doesn’t taste like coffee:


1. What can I drink if I don’t like coffee?

If you don’t like coffee, milk with cocoa syrup is a great option. You will get the same taste in the milk, while you are having a completely different drink. 

The other viable option is to have black tea, green tea, or other energy drinks.

2. What coffee can you opt for if not coffee?

There is a range of coffee-based drinks, which are not coffee but give you the same taste. The best part is, these non-coffee drinks have very less caffeine content.

3. What can be the first-time coffee for non-coffee beverage drinkers?

Frappuccino or Cafe Latte would be the best first-time coffee options. These are very mild coffee-flavored drinks for beginners to start off with. You can then choose a few as your favorite coffee drinks.

4. How can I make coffee which doesn’t taste like coffee?

For a beginner, coffee sachets will help you make coffee that doesn’t actually taste like coffee. The flavors in these powders are already diluted.

Just make sure that you do not leave it for long in hot water. It will give you a very strong flavor for you to handle

You can also check out some brewing methods which produce milder flavor, like drip coffee.

Final thoughts

If you feel you have a strong urge to drink coffee without actually drinking one, then you surely know which coffee recipe to choose.

Start with coffee and water first. If you don’t like it, use milk and then add sugar to tone down the taste.

Know the roast type, and always choose those roasted coffee beans or powder which are lightly roasted. That affects the flavor. You get a mild taste.