Brewing Up Creative DIY Coffee Gift Baskets – Unique Ideas to Make Someone Smile

For most of us, a cup of coffee is just the perfect way to start the day. So if you are an avid coffee lover, there are high chances that you have at least one coffee-obsessed close friend.

Let’s assume that this coffee lover friend has an occasion at their home, like a birthday or anniversary. So if you are unsure what to give this coffee lover pal, what could be better than a homemade DIY coffee gift basket?

The gift can be a selective assortment of coffee mugs, special coffee beans, and other non-coffee items. A DIY coffee basket allows you to show your love and affection for the person.

So after researching several ideas, we have narrowed down a list of the top DIY coffee gift basket ideas that will impress your loved ones.

DIY Coffee Gift Basket Ideas for Friends, Family, and Lovers

DIY Coffee Gift Basket Ideas for Friends

Your gift basket can contain anything unique to the receiver, so you can customize it how you like. You can also create a theme that the recipient will love. Gifts may include everything from food items to kitchen accessories, books, gadgets, and home decor items.

So here is a list of some of the best DIY coffee lovers gift basket ideas.

1. Simple Coffee Gift Basket

If you want to keep things simple, simply make a gift hamper with regular coffee accessories. You can begin with a customized coffee tumbler that helps your loved one’s coffee stay warm. 

High-quality coffee beans and coffee powder can keep them covered for a long time and also make for a fantastic gift idea from your side. Some homemade cookies and a few packets of Biscotti should be enough to make this friend happy. 

2. Coffee Lovers Survival Kit

A coffee lover’s survival kit is one of our favorite gift items (we are coffee lovers ourselves).  This perfect coffee gift basket will have everything coffee lovers require to survive the day.

Use a plastic basket or a tin container and fill it with some nice goodies. You can gift a coffee travel bag and a rechargeable smart coffee maker. Now they can make instant coffee whenever they feel like, even if they are miles away from civilization.

A spill-proof thermostat coffee container is a must-add to this survival kit, in addition to a coffee grinder and some of the finest coffee beans.

The coffee survival kit is a great gift basket idea for people who like to stay on the roads for the most part. 

3. Cutesy Coffee Basket For Her

Cutesy Coffee Basket For Her

Want to surprise your girlfriend or your wife on your anniversary? Then how about a cute little DIY coffee gift basket and adding a couple of orchids or roses to finish it off?

Make a cute personalized coffee bag with a personal message for her. In the bag, you can add branded coffee flavoured cosmetics like lip balm, lipstick, and a premium concentrated coffee perfume.

You can also throw in a pair of fluffy slippers and some warm socks with “First coffee, and then the world” written on them. A personalized coffee mug with a candid picture of you both will remind her of nice memories whenever she drinks a cup of coffee, and this will stand in your love. 

Remember, you are conveying your love, and love should be warm!

4. Ice Coffee Gift Basket For The Summer

Whether it’s summer, spring, or any other weather, or even if this dear friend is just a cold coffee fan, an iced coffee basket is a wonderful gift.

You can start with a smart iced coffee maker so that it takes them no time and money to enjoy a refreshing serving of iced coffee. Add a beverage slip to protect their hands from the cold cups. A small, cute tumbler can do, too, if you want to keep it minimal.  

Ice coffee accessories like ice tray, ice box, and various interesting flavors of coffee syrup is also a good idea. Throwing in an “I Love Ice Coffee” t-shirt of a color of their liking won’t hurt!

5. Newbie Coffee Gift Basket

A newbie gift basket can contain an espresso machine and a cold brew system. The main idea behind these gifts is to make their coffee-making process easier and let them slowly fall in love with coffee. 

Next, add a set of coffee coasters with some printed quotes reminding them of the benefits of a cup of coffee. Introduce them to the flavor of your liking. Put the best coffee roast in their gift basket. A recipe book is also a nice idea so that they can experiment with the various recipes.

This basket is the perfect gift for a friend who has just started drinking coffee and loves it, just like us. Let’s bring in more to the community!

6. Coffee Hygiene Basket For A Diehard Coffee Lover

Coffee Hygiene Basket For A Diehard Coffee Lover

Is your friend so obsessed with the aroma of coffee that they can dip themselves in a pool of coffee? Then what you can do is give them a nice coffee themed hygiene basket.

Add homemade coffee-smelling soaps, coffee face wash, and body scrubs to the basket. You can easily make a bar of homemade soap using oil extracted from roasted coffee beans, which smells heavenly.

Learn how to make a coffee soap at home: Organic Coffee Scrub Soap

Purchase the coffee scrubs online or from a local store. These scrubs are an excellent way to exfoliate and remove dirt and dry skin. Another popular gift item to add to this nice hamper is a coffee and cream exfoliating soap. Now their dishes will smell lovely throughout the day.

7. Starbucks Gift Basket

Starbucks Gift Basket

Ever wondered what a Starbucks gift basket would look like? Well, they don’t have their own coffee gift baskets, but you can make them yourself.

So for a Starbucks coffee fan, add sparkly customized coffee spoons, delicious frappuccinos, Starbucks special cold coffee beans, and anything else required to make a cup of coffee. 

8. Coffee Sideline Gift Basket

If you do not want to give any items directly related to coffee, make a DIY basket consisting of sidelines or the products they will enjoy with a cup of coffee.

So get a fancy little bamboo basket, add some fancy chocolate bars, a nice little muffin cake or pastry mix, and two or three packs of crunchy biscotti.

9. Budget Coffee Gift Basket

Are you on a tight budget but still want to showcase your love? Then how about a DIY budget coffee gift basket for this coffee lover friend? 

First, make a budget, say about $20. Next, start buying gifts within this range. A set of personalized coffee label coasters is a thoughtful gift, which you can get within five to six dollars.  It will protect their coffee table from any coffee stains.

Within this budget, you can buy a small coffee recipe book or make a DIY recipe book with some popular online recipes. So you are not only saving some money, but you are also giving a personal touch that this friend will love.

To make your DIY budget basket somewhat special, just throw in a wooden mug or a spoon and paint a nice graffiti or a quote. 

If you have a dollar or two to spare, you can also throw in a couple of candies, caramel or coconut chocolate, and a few coffee-flavored energy chews.

10. Thoughtful Coffee Gift Basket For Him

Thoughtful Coffee Gift Basket For Him

If your man appreciates fine coffee flavors, a good choice would be to give him a French Press or, better, a Moka Pot. 

These coffee makers are better than regular ones and keep the coffee warm. The person will get control of most of the variables and will get a richer and tastier brew.

In this DIY basket for your man, add some branded coffee-flavored shampoo and a beard wash in this DIY basket for your man. He will also appreciate a nice wooden beard comb in coffee colors. 

For the finishing touch, bake some chocolate cookies and customize them by writing his initials or an illustrated picture of you two together. Consider this a pamper box for your man.


11. DIY Coffee Basket For A Coffee Connoisseur

If a friend of yours is a coffee connoisseur, the most appropriate and the perfect gift would be to add an Aeropress coffee maker to the coffee lover gift basket. This machine brews the finest coffee.

Learn how to make some of the finest coffee recipes using Aeropress: Finest Aeropress Coffee Recipes. 

Next, you can add a personalized tamper. Even though it comes free with a coffee machine, gifting a nicer and heavier one will go a long way. Also, you will have the liberty to choose from numerous designs and colors.

Don’t forget to throw in some packets of the finest specialty coffee and, ultimately, give a final touch with some nice coffee-flavored candies and chocolates.

Quick Tips for Making a Coffee Gift Basket

Take a few moments to review these tips before creating your coffee gift basket.

Quick Tips for Making a Coffee Gift Basket


1. What would you put in a coffee gift basket?

In a coffee gift basket, you can add fancy chocolates, coffee mugs, personal notes, syrups (with different flavors), biscuits, cookies, etc.

2. How do you assemble a coffee basket for a gift?

First, you have to arrange a nice little basket that can be a plastic or a wooden container. Next, you must start placing the big gift items at the base and the smaller ones at the top.

Once done, you can cover the basket with transparent cellophane paper.

3. How many items should be present inside a coffee gift basket?

You can add four to five items for a small gift basket cover. For medium-sized to large coffee baskets, you can go as high as seven to ten items of different sizes.

Wrapping Up!

Putting effort and thought into creating the best coffee gift basket for your loved ones is a wonderful way to show how much you care for them. Just remember that these are only ideas that we believe are nice. 

You don’t have to buy expensive items to show your love. In the end, the receiver will note your thoughts and feelings.

So there we have it! If you have some nice and unique DIY coffee gift basket ideas, you can always share them with us in the comments section.