How Do Americans Drink Coffee?

Not many people can boast that they have a coffee drink named after them. But if you are an American, you can.

During the Second World War, Americans invented a new type of coffee drink for their taste buds. It was a diluted version of our well-known espresso and was called the American-style coffee or, in short, Americano.

This historic drink is now not only loved by Americans but also by people around the globe. Keep reading to know what sets it apart from other coffee drinks and why it is so loved by coffee drinkers.

What Kind of Coffee Do Americans Drink?

woman drinking coffee

Drinking coffee has nowadays become a staple in people’s lifestyles, and for Americans, it is the second most popular drink after water! So it isn’t a surprise that the countrymen chose to give the beverage a twist and tune it according to their taste.

It was actually invented by American soldiers who were fighting in Italy during World War II. It is said that espresso was too strong for American coffee drinkers, so they decided to dilute it with water and make a coffee drink that they could enjoy.

Now that you know the story behind Americano’s origin, let’s dive deep and learn about the details, such as the type of beans that are used, the brewing method, as well as serving style.

Type of Coffee Beans

Even though Americans are not very fond of the strong flavor of espresso, when it comes to making their favorite coffee drink, they prefer consuming darker roasts of gourmet coffee. Gourmet coffee consumption means drinking coffee that is made from 100% Arabica beans.

However, some people prefer dubbed “Italian” or “espresso beans,” which are a dark roast and ground finely to make the perfect cup of coffee in American style.

How Much Coffee Is Needed To Make An American Coffee?

The coffee needed to make an Americano is the same as you would need to make double shots of espresso. So, to make one serving of American-style coffee, you will need around 14 to 18 grams of coffee.

A single shot is usually not strong enough, but if you want to go lighter on the caffeine rush, you can make it with one. But whatever the case may be, for the best taste, you need to use only freshly ground coffee beans.

How to Make American-Style Drip Coffee

How to Make American-Style Drip Coffee

Brewing Method

Americano is an espresso-based coffee that is later diluted with water. So the brewing part is similar to how one extracts espresso.

To begin with, you take an adequate amount of fresh coffee grounds and put them in the portafilter. Then you tap it down gently and level it up so that when you put it in the espresso maker, you get two nice and silky shots.

Now comes the main part. Once you are done extracting the shots, you will need hot water. The temperature of the hot water should not be too high, or else it will mess with the taste of the coffee.

But if you switch that with cold water, it will lower the quality of the espresso, leaving you with a bland and watery taste. So the temperature needs to be around 70 to 76 degrees Celcius.

Serving Style

To serve an American coffee, you first pour the hot water into the cup and then add the shots to it. It not only prevents the burning of espresso but also helps the shots to blend better with water. The ratio that is followed is two parts of water for one part of espresso.

For a single shot of Americano, you can go for an espresso mug. But for a double shot, you might lack space for enough water. In that case, a latte mug will be perfect.

How to Make American-Style Iced Coffee

How to Make American-Style Iced Coffee

Now for daily coffee drinkers who live in the hotter regions of America, sipping on a cold brew or frozen blended coffee seems more reasonable. So let’s have a look at how Americans drink coffee in an iced style.

To make American-style iced coffee, you will need

Take some ice into a tall glass and add at least one cup of drip coffee/americano to it. Add water and fill almost 3/4th of the glass with it. Then add cream and sugar/ syrup, depending on your preference. Finally, give it a swirl and enjoy!

Summing Things Up!

I hope you got an overview of American coffee drinking habits and what differences it has compared to the rest of the places. Even though Americans love drinking coffee, they are not very fond of the boldness that espressos or macchiatos might have.

If you are moving to America and thinking about the change you might have in your cup of joe, then don’t worry, it’s not that major. And you can still buy premium beans and use a French press to make the type of coffee that you love.


1. Can I make American-style coffee with instant coffee?

Yes, You can make American-style cold coffee. Just buy some instant coffee from the convenience store and prepare it as you do and follow the rest of the recipe for an iced coffee.

2. What coffee machine is best for students?

If you are a student living in a dorm or alone, you can go for single-cup brewing machines.

3. Can I buy a coffee without caffeine?

Yes, you can buy coffee that has zero to minimum caffeine in it. For that, you need to use decaf beans or order decaf coffee drinks.