Everything You Need To Know About Half Caff K-Cups

Half caff coffee is a 50/50 blend of caffeinated and decaffeinated beans. So you get the feel of drinking regular coffee while consuming half the caffeine.

On that note, K cups have recently gained popularity because of how quickly and efficiently they can make your cup of coffee. They come in a wide variety, from roast coffee, iced coffee, and decaf to green tea and iced tea. 

But these single-serve cups are especially loved amongst coffee addicts. So keep reading to learn everything about half-caff K cups and how they can help you cut down on your demitasse. 

What Are K Cups? 

K cups are single-serve coffee capsules that are specially made for Keurig machines

Even though Keurig Green Mountain originally trademarks the K-Cups, other famous manufacturers, such as Starbucks, Gevalia, Golfers, etc., also make it. They are convenient, easy to use, and come in great variety. 

These coffee capsules contain everything you need to make a perfect single serve, with no hassle of measuring ingredients. Earlier, they were ideal for office environments, but now, with the changing lifestyles, these cups’ convenience has become the biggest selling point. 

Regular vs. Decaf vs. Half Caff

In an 8 oz regular brew, you get around 95 mg of caffeine! Which is not very much if you only drink one or two cups of coffee.

On the other hand, in decaf coffee, the coffee beans are processed to remove the majority of the caffeine content. So even though it’s not entirely caffeine free, you only get 2 mg of caffeine from a typical cup of coffee.

But you’ll most definitely miss the robustness of regular coffee if you suddenly decide to drink caffeine-free coffee. So, the chances of failing to keep your commitment will be higher!

But you can come to a middle ground by choosing half-caff coffee.

As the name suggests, you get half the caffeine in half-caff compared to a regular one. A usual cup of half-caff coffee contains around 40 mg of caffeine.

So, even if you drink 6 cups, you’ll only be half caffeinated!

Best Half Caff K Cups: Reviewed 

Here are some of the best half-caff grounds and K cups brands available in the market.

  1. Half Caff Medium Roast by Green Mountain Coffee

It’s one of the finest medium-roast coffees you can have. You can get a pack of 24/48/96 K cups per box and stock these for up to 12 months without losing the quality.

I can rely on this coffee daily for the fuel I need. Its biggest selling point is its rich taste, which makes me forget I’m getting only half the caffeine content.

Half Caff Medium Roast by Green Mountain Coffee

  1. Folgers Half Caff Cup Pods

The flavors of this medium roast half-caff coffee are even better than Green Mountain’s but the only reason for keeping this at the second position is its affordability and availability. 

Even if you are a heavy coffee drinker like me, you will not lose the feel of that medium roast that you are used to.

Folgers Half Caff Cup Pods

  1. Half Caff Variety Pack by Maud’s coffee and tea

Their variety of flavors made me a fan. They have a range of half-caffs, from caramel roast flavored pods and medium roast coffee pods to instant half-caff blends.

And for all those friends of the earth, both the packaging and the pods are completely recyclable. So, no more guilt, even if these cups are for one-time use.

Half Caff Variety Pack by Maud's coffee and tea

Can You Brew Half-Caff Coffee at Home?

There are two ways of making half-caff coffee at home. You can either prepare your own half-caff by mixing regular and decaf coffee grounds in equal parts or simply purchase a ready-made half-caff coffee pack.

Once you’re done preparing the coffee mix, the rest of the process is the same as your typically brewed coffee.

If you buy k cups, you’ll need a Keurig machine to brew them. A k-cup is specially designed for Keurig single-cup coffee makers, so don’t try to use them with regular brewers that use coffee pods.

Keurig machine

Benefits of Reducing Caffeine Intake

Your commitment to lower caffeine intake can benefit you in the below-mentioned ways.

Wrapping Up

I hope this overview of half caff k cups helped you get your answers. Head over to the comment section, and let me know if you have any other questions.


1.  What Are The Benefits Of Half-Caff?

Half caff is best if you want to lower your caffeine intake but don’t want to go completely caffeine free. Also, decaf coffee can often taste very bland and chalky, but half-caff doesn’t compromise on a rich taste.

2. How Much Caffeine Is In A Half-Caff K-Cup?

In a typical shot of half-caff K cup, you get about 40 to 50 mg of caffeine.

3. Can You Buy Medium Roast Coffee K-Cups With Half-Caff?

Yes. You can buy K cups with half-caff. Green mountain coffee is one of them that you can check out.

4. What’s The Difference Between A Half-Caff K Cup And Half-Caff Pods?

The main difference is how they are built. For example, K cups have a self-contained filter that is filled with coffee grounds, but coffee pods are flat, and the coffee grounds are wrapped in filter paper. Besides, coffee pods can’t be used in Keurig machines.