4 Best Battery Powered Coffee Grinders to Buy in 2022(Updated)


FasterS Battery Powered Coffee Grinder

FasterS Battery Powered Coffee Grinder


GWFVA Battery Powered Coffee Grinder

GWFVA Battery Powered Coffee Grinder


Mixpresso Battery Powered Coffee Grinder

Mixpresso Battery Powered Coffee Grinder, USB Chargeable

Battery Powered Coffee Grinders

There was a time when manual java grinders owned the coffee market, but as the time passed by, electric grinders got the upper hand. Although electric coffee makers offer great brewing, the problem with the electric coffee makers or grinder is that they lack portability, takes a huge amount of space, and may not be everyone’s cup of tea due to forward-thinking functionality. Making up your mind for the battery-operated coffee grinder will also help you dispense with a cord which sometimes becomes a bane of existence for coffee lovers.

We know an electric Joe grinder is great when it comes to having next-level features and programmability, however, as far as the portability and full-bodied coffee taste are kept in mind, battery powered coffee grinders offer full satisfaction—hands down. If you own a battery-operated coffee grinder today, you won’t have to rely on the wall sockets, though you will need to recharge the battery using a USB cable (if it’s rechargeable).

Why Should You Buy Battery Powered Coffee Grinders?

Why on earth should you invest in a battery-operated coffee grinder when you know that its electric counterparts are available in the market?

1. Taste

It’s no wonder owning a battery powered coffee grinder brings portability to the table, but there’s more to these grinders than just meets the eye—they’re highly likely to deliver rich taste in every single sup you take from your coffee cup. After all, the taste makes a huge difference.

2. Portability

The best thing about these battery-powered coffee grinders is that you can take them with you to your most favorite place while you’re traveling or you want to go tripping. Packing these small-sized grinders in your luggage back has never been easier, whereas, on the flip side, if we talk about those big-sized electric coffee grinders, the truth is that you cannot pack them into the bag, no matter how hard you try.

3. Simplicity

Another plus point of using a battery-powered coffee grinder is that you don’t have to put too much effort while the grinding takes place as you would in a manual grinder. That’s because a manual grinder requires you to the operation or grinding all the way through hands. What’s more, a battery-operated grinder won’t make much noise while grinding your fresh coffee beans.

4. Peace of mind

Another reason could include that pour-over-like coffee-ing experience which is thinkable if you go for one of the best battery powered coffee makers. Grind the way you prefer most and then add water right in accordance with your needs and grab a cup of great-tasting coffee.

5. Maintenance

You can save your energy by owning one of the finest battery powered coffee grinders because you don’t have to worry about the maintenance or cleaning of the grinder. The cleaning process has never been easier. If you wish NOT to clean the grinder using water, it’s your choice, but you should clean it after each grinding process using a brush so that all ground coffee leftover is removed.

1. Easy Grinder Clear Battery-Powered Coffee Grinder

Easy Grinder Clear Battery-Powered Coffee Grinder

This grinder does exactly what the name suggests—easily grinds the coffee beans, ensuring the best-tasting coffee each time you’re on the go doing the grinding. The transparent glass chamber keeps you aware of how much coffee beans you’re filling or how much is being ground inside. The grinder uses extremely powerful stainless steel blades that grind the beans very finely.

Whether it is coffee, herbs, or spices that you’d like to grind, this grinder makes it all imaginable for you. It’s so small that you can pack it in your pocket—this is what we like most about it. This also increases the odds that it will be a go-to appliance to compliment your beautiful kitchen as you will be using it every once in a while.

The dispensing holes let you dispense the herbs or coffee; all you need to do is unscrew it. Since cleaning requires a brush, you must be having one and thankfully, it comes packed with this grinder—no need to invest in one separately. On top of it, 4 LED lights also make your grinding easier.

Speaking of the batteries that come pre-installed on this one, they are Li-Ion batteries which don’t need replacement. Use them and when you run out of power, all you have to do is recharge them. Since the grinder uses stainless steel blades, you don’t have to worry about any rust. This USB-powered grinder is capable of grinding up to 2 grams of herbs of coffee, and it does it very finely for an ultimate taste.

2. Mixpresso Battery Powered Coffee Grinder, USB Chargeable

Mixpresso Battery Powered Coffee Grinder, USB Chargeable

Apart from that the fact that this grinder runs on battery, it also lets you grind different types of coffee—coarse, medium, and fine—great for coffee aficionados who prefer a change in coffee taste depending on different occasions. We’re amazed that you’re getting this feature as it is mostly available on top-of-the-line coffee makers.

Not only can are the batteries rechargeable but also you can charge this grinder using a USB charger, which most of us, have got handy while traveling or tripping. This also serves as an advantage because everyone has a USB while going on a trip. If you have a power bank, you won’t even need to plug the cable into the socket.

Its one-touch operation gives you peace of mind—works like a charm. You can easily grind a decent amount of coffee in a single shot; it allows you to grind up to 3 cups of coffee. But how will you measure the amount of coffee to be ground? Well, the transparent level window makes the job easier for you; the window lets you see how much coffee has been ground exactly.

It doesn’t matter whether you love to take a sip in from your full-bodied coffee in the office, home, or some other place, the design of this grinder is very sleek and it also offers portability which makes the carrying an easy job for you.

3. FasterS Battery Powered Coffee Grinder

FasterS Battery Powered Coffee Grinder

What if a coffee grinder replaces your coffee cup and offers you one of its kind (one that comes with the grinder) in the first place?

That’d be amazing, wouldn’t it?

If you’re seeking one of the best battery powered coffee grinders that has in-built bean motor, coffee container, protective sleeve, filter, and most significantly, a coffee cup? And, what’s even more satisfying is that the grinder looks like a water bottle which means it won’t be eating much of the space and can be packed along with your clothes or luggage in the bag. Therefore, it is obvious that not only can you use it in your office but also when you’re home or sitting in the car and ready to go somewhere.

The grinder uses a 304 stainless steel body which increases the longevity of this coffee maker. Plus, due to the stainless steel, you can rest assured because your coffee will always taste good. Being a battery-operated coffee grinder, it can grind the coffee beans up to 12 times on a single charge—full satisfaction.

After you’ve used all power from the battery, there’s no need to replace the batteries because they are rechargeable. Just use a USB charge, and there you go. It looks just like a manual coffee grinder, but modern functionality that it houses makes it very special.

Making a cup of 200ml espresso has never been easier! 

4. GWFVA Battery Powered Coffee Grinder

GWFVA Battery Powered Coffee Grinder

It is equipped with a powerful 1200mAh lithium battery which gives you a long-lasting performance—no interruption in the grinding process at all. This hand-held grinder is extremely portable—take it with you anywhere you wish to—use it in the car, at home, or even in the office after having lunch.

Charging could be a bane of your existence, but thankfully it comes packed a USB charge which is pretty handy nowadays as everyone uses a USB charger to charge their smartphones. Although the package includes a cable, it doesn’t have an adaptor, but we all have one these days, so it won’t be a problem. When it comes to cleaning, you’re suggested to use a clean, soft, and damp cloth for that.

Whether you’re grinding a single cup or 3 cups of coffee, this grinder lets you be at ease. Once you’re charged it to the full, you can get it to grind up to 7 to 10 times without any disruption of any kind. Unlike other grinders that require you to stay closer to the machine to keep an eye on the grinding status, this one automatically stops when there’re no beans left in the ground unit.

It’s no doubt that a burr grinder easily gets the upper hand over blade grinder, you’d be amazed to know that this one uses a burr grinder to give you finely ground coffee. That way, you could achieve good-tasting coffee in next to no time. The battery should be charged for about 3 to 4 hours when you’re using it for the very first time.

Get your head around why this automatic, battery powered coffee grinder is great for your coffee-ing experience here


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Wrapping Up

Roasting preference surely changes how you want your coffee to taste, but if you would like to get a full-bodied taste in each sup you take, grinding process turns out to be a game-changer. The finer the ground coffee is, the better it will taste, without any doubt. We’re already reviewed many coffee makers with built-in grinders, however, they don’t bring much of the portability to life and that’s why travelers fall head over heels in love with the Battery Powered Coffee Grinders because you can take them with you anywhere you want and power is not an issue because they use rechargeable batteries. So, if you also find yourself in the same place, you should definitely try one of the above-mentioned battery-operated coffee grinders for great-tasting coffee.

Get One Before It's Too Late!

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